About Ron France

If one could say they are obsessed with lighting control, it would be Ron France. His career in lighting has touched just about all facets of the industry: Manager, Engineer, Presenter, Designer, Troubleshooter, Integrator, T24 AT tester, just to name a few. His accolades include: Senior Electrical Engineer- design and specifications for commercial buildings (20 years); Lighting Designer – notably – Devos Children’s Hospital, Redbull Soccer Stadium, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine; Past VP for a Lighting Rep, Knowledge of AGI32, Autocad, A/V design and specifications, communications and networking infrastructure and certification; College Lecturer.

Ron enjoys working with “one of the best teams in the industry,” as he leads the efforts of the Lighting Controls Department at Lighting Systems.

While Ron enjoys golf and bowling, he and his wife, Mary, enjoy home DIY projects including anything from landscaping to construction. They have five children. Ron says being a Grandfather surpasses anything one can imagine. Hearing “Papa Ron is amazing” is definitely something he loves!