Ron Juco

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Cell: (415) 815 9972
Ron at Giant Race 2019
About Ron Juco

Ron, originally from the Philippines, is a retired United States Air Force veteran with 20-years of service under his belt. During his military career he worked as an electronics technician on some high-profile, top-secret assignments involving the secrecy of the F-117A Stealth Fighter Program and participated in aircraft deployment providing air support during Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1991.

Now, Ron is already 7+ years into his second career in the lighting industry. Prior to Lighting Systems, Ron worked for Omega Pacific Lighting Supply in distribution, supporting the city and county of San Francisco.

A sports enthusiast and avid running, Ron and his girlfriend Faith participate in numerous racing events for both fun and good causes. When not stomping the pavement, he is cruising down it on his road bike.

Ron enjoys spending time with his two nieces, Gianna (9) and Penelope (5). He is a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoys travel when his schedule permits.