Leisa Jatczak

Outside Sales/Contractors and Distributors

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Office: (510) 982 3931
Cell: (510) 913 2616

Leisa and Grandbabies

About Leisa Jatczak

To say Leisa Jatczak knows the lighting industry is an understatement. When she joined our team in 2017, Leisa brought with her an impressive experience of over 40 years of working with manufacturers, distributors, contractors, city and county authorities, and developers. During that time, she managed her own agency. Her ability to communicate and build relationships with clients is remarkable, and her knowledge and insights have proved to be beneficial to our clients. Leisa is a valuable member of our amazing outside sales team.
Leisa's expertise extends beyond just the lighting industry - she also has a rooted knowledge of the Bay Area. Being a sixth-generation Californian, she was born and raised in Oakland, California. She has also raised her two children in the same area and is now enjoying her time spoiling her grandchildren.

Leisa has an immense passion for all things related to nature, including gardening, glamping, and off-road ATV. On top of that, she is a travel enthusiast with Europe being the next destination on her bucket list. Her motto, “Sun on my shoulders and toes in the sand.”