Deanna Kaminski

Project Manager

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Office: (510) 982-3944

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About Deanna Kaminski

Almost half of Deanna Kaminski's 15-year career in the lighting industry have been dedicated to Lighting Systems. Staring out as a Quotation Specialist, Deanna is now an integral part of our Project Management team.

We are "Lucky" to have her trendy persona enlightening the office this past 7 years. She is always looking for something new and willing to explore and learn unfamiliar and different things; goat yoga, oatmeal lattes, and growing loofahs in her home garden - just to name a few. We look forward to having her as a part of the Lighting Systems family for multiple septets to come.

As a busy mom to two wonderful active boys, (Shane 6 and Dylan 2), Deanna and her husband Scott love to go camping, swimming and vacationing.

When she does finds the time, she has a passion for cooking, baking and tending to her impressive garden.