About Crystal Cortez

With over 25 years of experience in the lighting industry, Crystal Cortez brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. Throughout her career, she has worked on the contractor, distributor, and agency sides of the industry. Her understanding of the dynamics within each sector will be a huge asset to the department’s growth and success.

Crystal’s connection to the lighting industry runs deep, so much so that her husband of 30 years and adult son both have careers as electrical contractors. Despite considering diverging paths in her career, Crystal finds herself continuously drawn back to the lighting industry as her true calling.

Crystal is a proud native of Sacramento, although she and her husband divide their time between Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area. While she loves both locations, her heart remains in Sacramento, where she raised her son.

When she’s not busy navigating the lighting world, she loves embarking on adventures with her family, cheering on her 49ers or just reading a good book at home.