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Complete lines of residential and commercial LED lighting fixtures with innovative designs and superior quality.



Liteline Corporation is one of Canada's leading lighting manufacturers. From our 160,000 sq-ft facility in Richmond Hill, Liteline offers more than 650 product lines for residential and commercial applications across North America. Our success has been built on a simple principle: find a niche and do it well.

In 1979 Steve Silverstein, Liteline's founder and President, saw an opportunity to provide customers with aftermarket lens replacement for fluorescent fixtures. At the time, it was difficult for distributors to supply replacement lenses because each one required slightly different dimensions. Steve, launched Liteline by offering distributors a simple service of small-run custom fabrication with quick delivery to solve their problems.

Since that time, Liteline's growth has been built on our ability to solve our customers' problems with a unique approach to design, technology and customer service. Our flagship products lines - SlimLED, ALR, Luna, Sigma and Forum - each address a specific point in the market and we strive to meet the installation, power, and functionality needed by the industry. And we continue to manufacture complete lines of residential and commercial lighting fixtures, HID security lighting, lamps, die cast aluminum outdoor boxes, wiring devices and of course lenses and louvers.

Today we work with, architects, designers, engineers and our distributor partners across North America to improve their customer experience. Our commitment to personal customer service, innovative product design, and superior product quality is our promise to you.