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Decorative plaster and concrete LED fixtures made from environmentally green materials.

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Light and Green have a combined experience in the lighting and electrical industries. The products we offer, all use environmentally green materials, which allows us to achieve the trim less finished look that our products are known for world wide.
The plaster contains gypsum, which is a natural material that doesn’t contain any toxic or harmful substances. Gypsum is a recyclable material that is superior to other materials like steel. It is considered as a green product, as the process to recycle it is friendly to the environment.

Using gypsum reduces the amount of material that is harvested from the earth. It’s mining process requires less energy and resources, and therefore the damage to the land is minor compared to harvesting other materials. Gypsum, being a soft material, does not require the use of explosives or large tools during its mining process.

Our factory is a leading manufacturer of high quality lighting products, for domestic and commercial applications. With 16 years of experience in the lighting field, our extensive product range includes Plaster wall sconces, Plaster surface mount fixtures, Plaster Pendants, Plaster recessed down lights, Plaster wall recessed, Concrete decorative wall sconces and concrete pendant light fixtures. We are always developing new products and researching new technologies so we can provide our clients with the latest advances in lighting.

Our Los Angeles branch is equipped with its own in house design team that is capable of creating all kinds of various lighting designs and concepts.