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Cree is committed to delivering the best solutions on the market, inspired by the needs of our customers and perfected by the knowledge and expertise of our engineers. We recognize the importance of beautiful energy-efficient lighting and aspire to improve every business with uncompromising performance and payback.

LED Specification Downlight
The KR Series LED specification downlights deliver exceptional 90+ CRI light while achieving efficacies over 65 lumens per watt. Featuring Cree TrueWhite® Technology, the KR Series delivers beautiful, high-quality light with efficacy better than competing fluorescent products. Available in a variety of color temperatures, with high-quality anodized aluminum reflector finishes, and out-of-the-box dimming compatibility, the KR Series is a great solution for specification quality downlighting.

Architectural LED Troffers
The AR Series Troffer is a Cree TrueWhite® enabled device equipped with a creative optics design to deliver a visually appealing smooth fixture aesthetic with a superior color quality and unobstructed high efficient light.

Cree luminaires provide improved illumination performance, consume less energy, and require less maintenance than traditional lighting solutions. In fact, many BetaLED advancements have shaped what is standard in the LED lighting industry today.

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The OSQ Area/Flood luminaire blends extreme optical control advanced thermal management and modern clean aesthetics. Built to last, the housing is rugged cast aluminum with an integral weathertight LED driver compartment. Versatile mounting configurations offer simple installation. Its slim low-profile design minimizes wind load requirements and blends seamlessly into the site, providing even quality illumination. The various output options offered in the OSQ line are suitable upgrades for HID applications ranging from 100 to 750 watts.

Canopy and Soffit lighting
Canopy and soffit operators are under constant pressure to lower operating costs while simultaneously providing safe and visually appealing lighting. The new CPY250DM luminaire has a slim low profile design that can mount on virtually any canopy/soffit and is the perfect upgrade solution – the high-performance LED fixtures not only outperform existing LED and MH solutions but also offer a low total cost of ownership.

It’s a Brand New Night in High Output Lighting.

The Cree Edge™ HO from Cree redefines what high output illumination performance can be. High output illumination performance without sacrifice or compromise. From more than 20 precisely controlled optical choices and exceptional thermal management to improve color quality and performance at the source, THE EDGE HO is a true game changer. The Edge HO offers high quality, high output illumination performance that saves energy, significantly reduces maintenance costs, and puts applications requiring a high output solution in a whole new light.

XSP Series Streetlight
Designed from the bottom up as a totally optimized LED street light system, the XSP Series delivers incredible efficiency of up to 100 lumens per watt, and up to double the lumens per dollar of previous generations of LED street lights without sacrificing application performance. Featuring three variations- XSP1, XSP2 and XSPR, the XSP series is an ideal replacement for outdated high pressure sodium fixtures and can even provide increased value to displace higher wattage applications (up to 400W).

Beyond substantial energy savings (nearly 50%) and reduced maintenance, Cree achieves better optical control with our NanoOptic® Precision Delivery Grid™ optic than a traditional high pressure sodium. The XSP series also features the same aesthetics as a traditional cobrahead luminaire making it easier to upgrade incumbent technologies for both replacement and new construction applications.

The Cree XSP Series LED Street Light is the best alternative for traditional street lighting with better payback, better performance, and better price.

All of this adds up to a street light that pays for itself, then starts paying you – allowing municipalities to focus their resources where it matters most.

New Precision Delivery Grid Optics
NanoOptic Precision Delivery Grid optic efficiently delivers light where you need it, not where you don’t. Cree innovation in LED and optic technologies created a 15% improvement in overall optical efficiency compared to previous generations of Cree LED street lights. Communities using Cree LED street lights appear cleaner and safer with uniform, white light.